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Wind Energy Systems Need Proper
Lubrication to Function Optimally

Wind turbines operate at different speeds, under harsh conditions and in remote locations and need to be carefully lubricated. Operators are under pressure to maximise energy production and manage operating costs. They need a solution to prevent bearing damage and unscheduled turbine downtime while optimising manpower resources.  

 JSG Industrial tailored systems optimise wind turbine performance by providing automatic lubrication systems that help ensure grease is continually supplied to the main shaft, generator, blade and yaw bearings. Next generation smart controller ensures complete control of the lubrication system. A modern approach with bluetooth connectivity for localised remote management.  

Wind Turbine Automatic Lubrication System

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Automatic Lubrication Systems for your Wind Turbines

single-line for grease

A single-line lubrication system offers numerous benefits for wind turbines, given the critical need for consistent lubrication in their operation.

Progressive Automatic Lubrication System
Progressive systems ensure that each lubrication point receives a precise amount of lubricant ensuring no over or under-lubrication occurs.

Fire Protection for your Wind Turbines


Solid aerosol fire suppression systems represent an innovative approach to fire protection, particularly suited for environments, such as wind energy.

Muster IPS Family - new

Impulse Powder System is particularly suitable for enclosed or semi-enclosed spaces where traditional suppression methods might not be as effective.

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