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Pressurise System Fuel Vents

Pressure System Fuel Vents

Pressure system fuel vents are used in a variety of fuel systems and are designed to
maintain the right balance of pressure within the fuel system to ensure optimal
performance and safety not damaged by vibration and movement.

FloMAX fuel vents are made from all metal components providing superior impact strength. The float and sealing balls are housed in a rigid  ball tube ensuring a positive seal and repeatable performance. 

Standard Fuel Vents


FloMAX Fuel Vents

Standard Fuel Vents

FloMAX Fuel Vents are manufactured using 100% metal component as opposed to the less expensive and weaker plastic and cast aluminium caps., providing superior strength and impact resistance. 

High Flow Vents

FloMAX VTX vents are the highest flowing vents for pressure fill applications in the industry.  The machined ball cage is robust in all harsh environments.

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