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Paper Machine Case Study


Production machines in the pulp and paper industry are sophisticated and diverse, tailored to meet the specific demands of producing varied paper grades. Given the high-speed and continuous operation of these machines, effective maintenance strategies and lubrication systems are essential to prevent wear, breakdowns, and accidents.

At a prominent and key-player in the paper industry, located in Subang, West Java, Indonesia, our team implemented a transformative solution to optimize their Paper Machine #1 (PM1), redefining industry standards.


PM1 operated in a demanding environment, with high temperatures and constrained space. The machine runs 24/7, allowing only minimal downtime for maintenance. The manual greasing for guide and canvas rolls not only posed safety risks but also demanded manpower especially for the tasks in inconvenient locations. In addition the existing oil lubrication in the conveyor section fell short of maximum efficiency, leading to elevated bearing temperatures and bearing breakdown even post-lubrication.


In response to these challenges, our team proposed and seamlessly implemented solution for this prominent paper manufacturer.

SKF Lincoln Oil Circulation System

This system ensures a continuous flow of lubricating oil to critical components, reducing friction, dissipating heat, and extending the life of bearings. In this case, the system optimised conditions with monitored features on oil temperature, cooling and flow rate in the cylinder equipment on the dryer section.

SKF Lincoln Automatic Grease Lubrication System

Leveraging the SKF Maxilube solution, an automatic lubrication system, precise amounts of grease are delivered to specific machinery points. This automated process reduces manual intervention and ensures consistent, appropriate lubrication levels. Our implementation focused on the automatic lubrication of canvas rolls, stretcher rolls, and guide rolls.

Services Offered

    • Engineering calculation design for piping arrangement, sizes, and lubrication amounts
    • Schematic drawings with engineering details
    • Quality supervision during installation
    • Commissioning during machine start-up
    • Installation services for main components and piping
    • Product training for the customer
    • As-built drawing


Our solutions have resulted in enhanced machine performance and maintenance efficiency with the following demonstrated results:

    1.   The occurrence of roll shaft bearing failures and machine breakdowns has been substantially reduced, ensuring smoother operations.
    2.   Bearings now reach their maximum lifetime, contributing to the overall reliability of the machines.
    3.   Improvements allow machine speeds to be increased from 350 meters per minute (mpm) to 400 mpm.
    4.   Maintenance tasks have become more efficient and effective, significantly improving the safety conditions for the maintenance team, particularly in challenging roll locations.
    5.   The elimination of manual greasing has streamlined operations.
    6.   Post-upgrade, there’s a notable improvement in bearing temperature conditions, with a decrease from above 100 degrees Celsius to a stable range of 80-90 degrees Celsius.
    7.   The installation was successfully completed with zero accidents over 1,575 working hours, underlining our commitment to safety and excellence.

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