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Oil Chain Lubrication (Mechanical)

Efficient, Reliable Chain Lubrication

The robust design of the OCL-M withstands harsh conditions during harvesting and baling, dispensing precise amounts of lubricant to the moving chain to reduce chain wear and the chance of downtime.
Mechanically driven without hydraulic or electric fittings, easy to operated and requires minimal maintenance, Available in easy-to-install pre-configured kits.


Icon Chain Lubrication Brush Cleaning

Brushes automatically clean the chain

Icon Chain Lubrication Agriculture Environment

Robust design for harsh environments

Icon Chain Lubrication Dispensing

Dispensing precise amounts
lubricant to the moving chain

Up to


Increased Chain Reliability

OCL-M System Elements

OCL-M - The System

Dispenses precise amounts of lubricant

OCL-M Pump

Pump with a high degree of flexibility

Pre-Configured Kits

OCL-M Kit for up to 12 lube points

Part number OCL-MK-0001300-3

Included in the kit:

OCL-M Kit for up to 8 lube points

Part number OCL-MK-0031200-3

Included in the kit:

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