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Maximise Performance with High-Quality Industrial Lubricants

Lubricants for industrial equipment are essential for maintaining optimal functionality across a wide range of operational conditions. These lubricants come in various formulations to meet specific requirements, such as food grade, high temperature, and low temperature lubricants. Each type of lubricant plays a vital role in industrial applications by reducing friction, protecting against corrosion, and enhancing the longevity and reliability of equipment.

Range of Lubricants:

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Grease for Wide Range of Applications

SKF Lubricant LGMT 2/0.4

Premium quality, general purpose industrial and automotive NLGI 2 grease. Suitable for a wide range of industrial and automotive applications.

LGEP Lubricant Thumbnail

High load, extreme pressure bearing grease providing good lubrication in general applications that are prone to harsh conditions and vibrations.

LGWA Lubricant Thumbnail

Premium quality, high load, extreme pressure grease recommended for general applications when loads or temperature exceed the range of general purpose grease. 

Grease for Low & High Temperatures and High Loads

SKF Lubricant LGWM 1/0.4

Low Temperature

Extreme pressure, low temperature grease suitable for the lubrication of bearings operating under both radial and axial loads. 

Low Temperature

High load, wet temperature grease suitable for applications with high loads, wet environments and fluctuating temperatures.

SKF Lubricant LGEV 2/0.4

High Load

Extremely high viscosity grease with solid lubricants. Provides protection under very harsh conditions with high loads, slow rotations and severe vibrations.

SKF Lubricant LGHB 2/0.4

High Load

High load, high temperature, high viscosity grease. Withstands high temperatures and extreme loads across a wide range of applications. 

SKF Lubricant LGHP 2/0.4

High Temperature

High performance, high temperature grease suitable for electric motors, industrial fans, rolling hearings and similar applications.

Food Grade Grease

SKF Lubricant LGFG 2/0.4

Food Grade

General purpose food grade grease suitable for food & beverage applications with high loads, wet environments and fluctuating temperatures.

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