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Lubricant Storage and Identification

Avoid Cross Contamination

The correct identification, storage, and handling of lubricants are crucial for maintaining proper equipment lubrication. Effective storage and handling solutions preserve the quality and performance of lubricants throughout their lifecycle, thereby reducing the risks of contamination, cross-contamination, and human error.

Range of Solutions:

Trico Product Range

Trico Oil Containers

Robust, durable oil containers that keep lubricants free from dust, dirt, water and other contaminants. Use colour identifiers to manage the lubricant at every stage of the supply chain. 

Nozzle lids ensure precise and controlled pouring.  Feature a non-slip grip and are easy to open, Colour-coded for easy recognition, greatly enhanced efficiency and safety.

Pump Storage Lid

This multi-purpose lid allows the rapid pouring of oils, making it ideal for topping off machinery such as crankcases or large engine blocks. Fit the hand pump for easy pumping.

Available in 10 colours and can be combined with the oil container lid colour. Use as a secondary colour option. Easily twists to open and close providing hands free and ergonomic control.


Tags provide an easy way to identify lubricants throughout their life cycle, helping avoid cross contamination. Made from durable UV-inhibited plastic. Available in 10 colours. 

Easily identify the different types of grease in each of your grease guns. Slides over standard grease guns. Helps prevent cross contamination. Available in 7 colours.

When used with Spectrum grease gun bands the colour coded washers ensure the correct grease is being applied to the correct equipment. Available in 2 sizes and 6 colours. Sold in pks 10.

Grease Fitting Caps

Snap over grease fittings to seal out dirt and moisture. A retaining ring keeps the cap in the correct position during servicing. Available in 2 sizes and 10 colours. Sold in packs of ten.

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grease gun manual

A grease gun is crucial for manual lubrication, delivering grease precisely under pressure to machinery joints and bearings. This tool is indispensable in automotive, industrial, and agricultural settings.

Lincoln Rotary Hand Pump with Hose

Manual oil pumps are simple to operate and require no electricity or compressed air. A variety of models to suit containers and drums. Allow for precise oil application to machinery components. 

Trico-Optomatic Oilers

Constant level oilers are vital for automated maintenance, ensuring a steady supply of oil to machinery. These devices maintain optimal lubrication levels, reduce wear, and enhance equipment reliability.

Workshop equipment are crucial in industries for maintaining organization, safety, and efficiency. They support precise work and streamline operations, directly impacting productivity and operational success.

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