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Monitoring and controlling the flow, pressure, level and temperature in a process plant is critical for ensuring a safe operations, maintaining optimal conditions, reducing deviations and maximising system performance.

The Kobold range of measurement devices offer precise and optimum control of process control variables. Easily integrated into many standard systems and can be coupled with a variety of control units providing a solution that is  efficient and straight forward.

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Kobold Range of Measurement & Control Instruments

Magnetic Flow Meter

Magnetic (MIM)

Compact stainless steel magnetic induction meter (MIM). Suitable for a variety of mediums with no moving parts, low power requirement and delivers high accuracy. Capable of measuring low and high flow rates. 

Common applications include water management, process water, wastewater, food processing, chemical and corrosive materials, sludge and other general applications.

Magnetic (EPS)

The magnetic-inductive flow sensor EPS is used to measure the volume flow of liquids, slurries, pastes and other electrically conductive media without any pressure drop.  Offers high accuracy, available in a variety of lining materials and a large selection of process connectors. 

Paddle Switch (PSR & PSE)

Simple paddle flow switch for various liquid flow applications. Ideal for process monitoring of various line sizes. Available in different materials and switch options.

Common applications include dry running protection for pumps, prevention of low water levels, monitoring of pipe fracture.

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Calorimetric (KAL)

The compact KAL flow monitoring device measures the flow in a pipe without moving parts or the need to modify existing pipework. Constructed from a single stainless steel component it can be inserted into the process medium making it ideal for food & beverage applications.

Common applications include food processing plants, brewery production, mechanical engineering, plant construction, process industry.

Flow Meter KDG-2

Flow Meter (KDG - 2)


Calorimetric Flow Meter KAL-K

Calorimetric Flow Meter (KDG - K)


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Digital Pressure Gauge (MAN-SC)

A battery powered digital pressure gauge designed for the masses where each battery can last up to 2 years. The display housing is customisable in installation to ensure optimal viewing of the pressure regardless of the installation.

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Digital Pressure Transmitter (MAN-LC)

24 VDC pressure transmitter capable of reaching up 1,600 bar and displaying the value on its large backlit display. With programmable outputs including IO-Link it is designed to connect to any 3rd party system.

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Pressure Sensor (SEN-96)

Multi-purpose simple pressure sensors with ceramic element. The SEN-96 provides affordable and reliable performance output signals from the process line. Can be installed in gas distribution plants, on refrigerators, on compressors, on vacuum pumps and hydraulics.

Pressure Switch (PDD)

A simple, programmable pressure switch with electronic outputs. Available with choice of one or two configurable switch points, these simple switches are well-suited to integrate into larger electronic ecosystems.

Pressure Sensor SEN-86

Pressure Sensors (SEN-86)

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Ultrasonic Level Meter (NUS-4)

Suitable for liquids and solids or slurries with a mixture of both. These ultrasonic level meters are designed for those applications where no physical contact can be made safely due to process medium’s chemical properties.

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Vibrating Level Switch (NWS)

A solid state, stainless steel level switch. Designed for food and beverage applications or mild chemicals where hygiene is important. Capable of conforming to clean-in-place practices these switches are designed for minimal maintenance operations.

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Vibrating Level Switch (NKP)

A simple plastic level switch for mass applications and designed as an economic device to control liquid levels in vessels or medium to large tanks.

Bypass Level Indicator NBK-03

Bypass Level Indicator (NBK-03)

Kobold bypass level indicators are used for continuous measurement, display and monitoring of liquid levels.

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Temperature Sensor (TDA)

A compact and robust digital temperature sensor whilst being economical. Complete with a choice of outputs to integrate into a larger electrical ecosystem if the installation requires integration.

Temperature Switch (TWR)

Bi-metal temperature switches are required in various industries to monitor temperature of various applications. The TWR is available with a choice of materials and switching points along with switching types.

Portable Temperature Measurement (HND-T)

Portable measurement is required from time to time for either instantaneous measurement or for maintenance purposes. The HND range is designed to accept a variety of PT100 or thermocouple sensors available from Kobold to cover nearly all measuring tasks relating to temperature measurement.

Precision Hand Held Thermometer HND-T

Precision Hand-Held Thermometer (HND-T)

Nearly all measuring tasks for the determination of temperature can be performed with the HND-T series KOBOLD manual temperature measuring units.

Temperature Measuring Instrument (AFK-G)

Temperature Measuring Instrument (AFK-G)

The range AFK-G humidity/temperature sensors are sensors for measuring relative humidity and temperature (optional) in air and other non-aggressive gases for an operating temperature of up to 200 °C.

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Instrumentation Displays/Controllers (ZOK)

The ZOK range is specifically designed for the calculations and flow rates of flow meters with pulse or frequency outputs.  Robust field or panel mounted housing. Available for both safe and hazardous areas the ZOK range is designed for almost any flow process application.

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Flow Restrictor (REG)

A simple mechanical flow restrictor that can be inserted into water lines. Once installed the REG limits the flow to a preset fixed value regardless of pressure fluctuations. High quality stainless steel design that is completely maintenance free. Available in various sizes and customisable for various desired flow rates.

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Electronic Multi-Channel Datalogger (ZLS-2)

For complex installations where data analysis is required on a process or system, the ZLS is capable of receiving up to eight inputs from flow meters, level meters, temperature gauges and record their inputs over a certain time period. 

Digital Indicating Units DAG-A

Digital Indicating Units (DAG-A)

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