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Hose reels are of utmost importance for industries that rely on hoses for fluid transfer. They provide a convenient and efficient way to store, deploy, and manage hoses in industrial settings. Hose reels contribute to workplace safety by minimizing tripping hazards and ensuring quick access to hoses during emergencies. They also protect hoses from damage, prolonging their lifespan and reducing maintenance costs. Below are the types of hose reels.

Hose Reel


Types of Hose Reels

Heavy Duty Hose Reel

Spring Retraction

Cobra spring rewind hose reels are engineered to withstand rough & difficult working environments and operate under extreme conditions. Sturdy in construction, built to a high-quality finish and designed to last. Can be supplied as a kit that incorporates a heavy-duty hose suitable for general industry, mining, general automotive service workshops.


COBRA Hydraulic Rewind Reels

Hydraulic Rewind Reels

Cobra hose reels offer a choice of pneumatic or hydraulic drive options suitable for different applications. The risk of the operator is reduced due to less effort required to extend or retract large or long hoses.  Suitable for underground coal mining (no aluminium), general industry, mining, general automotive service workshops.


COBRA Pneumatic Rewind Reels

Pneumatic Rewind Reels


Industrial Hose Reels Square

Industrial Hose Reel

Tailored towards professional set-ups like automotive workshops, manufacturing plants and maintenance facilities. The industrial hose reel range from JSG Industrial Systems are designed to be an affordable solution for a specific maintenance or repair application without compromising on aesthetics, functionality or safety.


Industrial Hose Reels Stainless Steel Square

Industrial Stainless Steel

Not every application for a hose reel revolves around workshops and manufacturing. The Food & Beverage industry is a bespoke market often requiring its own unique equipment in order to be safe. Another application where ordinary reels may not be suitable are those operating in marine environments.


FAICOM Twin Hose Reels

FAICOM Twin Hose Reels


FAICOM Oxy/Acetylene Reels

FAICOM Oxy/Acetylene Reels


FAICOM Welding Curtain Cable Reel

FAICOM Welding Curtain Cable Reel


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