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JSG Industrial Systems is here to help the mining industry solve its fuel and lubrication management problems.

Fuel and lubrication are to machinery what machinery is to the mining industry: utterly critical. Without them, the wheels stop turning.

Avoiding leaks, spills and contamination is important for fuelling success.

Heavy Equipment Fueling

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Flomax Fuelling Solutions

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Automatic Shut-off Fuel Nozzles

Flomax fuel nozzles connect to all standard fuel receivers.  The FX1500 is a high flow nozzle capable of reaching 1,500 lpm. All metal construction with patented back pressure sensor. Connects to Flomax 2“ FRX fuel receiver.

Flomax offer a wide range of fuel nozzles.

Bulk Fuel Nozzle

The Flomax bulk fuel nozzle transfers large volumes of fuel at high flow-rates using existing 1 ½” fuel receivers. Push-to-connect design that released from the receiver with a gentle pull on the pullback or the poly coated stainless steel lanyard. 

Fuel Receivers

All Flomax fuel receivers have a patented enclosed poppet stem spring for a smooth and higher flowing fuel path. This greatly enhances the life of both the receiver and fuel nozzle due to the decrease in fuel restriction and vibration.

The spring is completely enclosed inside the poppet, removing the spring from the flow path, which increases fuel flow and reduces back pressure and vibration. All 1 ½” FloMAX fuel receivers are compatible with industry standard fuel nozzles.

Anti-theft Receiver

Anti-Theft Receiver

Flomax has simplified the solution for fuel theft. The innovative design allows maximum flow with minimum back pressure. The new design allows the removable sleeve to disconnect separately from the whole receiver providing savings on maintenance cost as well as enhanced security

Non-Pressure Systems

Internal Non-Pressure System

Non-Pressure Fuelling System

Unlike other fuelling systems that rely on pressure build-up in the tank, this system is pressure-less removing the need to pressurise the fuel tank or use splash filling techniques.  Filling the tank from the bottom reduces the likelihood of splashing or overfilling. There is also no risk of over-pressuring the tank which can lead to spills, leaks or even ruptures.

The Flomax solution is a straightforward non-pressure system that demands few components and is available in multiple configurations including an all-in-one system, internal line and external line.

Spectrum Oil Containers

Spectrum Oil Containers offer an excellent way to keep lubricants free from dust, dirt, water and other machine-damaging contaminants. They play an important role in the lubrication supply chain, especially between bulk containers and top-off points, which industry experts indicate to be the most common source of contamination.

Hose Reels Family group

Hose Reels

JSG Industrial Systems hose reels have been designed with quality, strength, durability and serviceability in mind. Whether it be material dispensing, ergonomics, environmental and OH&S issues, we have hose reels which are available in either manual, spring, air or hydraulic rewind configuration.

The hose reels are designed to handle hose diameters from 1/4“ to 1 1/2 “. Several models can be supplied upon request without any aluminium parts making them suitable for underground coal mining use.

Related Products

Top Fill Units

Safely refuel smaller fuel tanks with the Flomax Top Fill system. Designed to be an all-in-one non-pressure system for small fuel tanks. High flow fuel transfer reduces machine downtime. Allows filling and venting from the same opening.

The FloMAX grease coupling has a unique ability to be easily connected and disconnected while there is pressure in the system. Fail safe shut-off for improved safety. Available in two sizes and in 3/4″ BSPP thread.

Enhance Safety with Flomax
Non-Pressure Fuel Systems

Hitachi ZX890 Excavator

Medium to large construction equipment, like excavators, typically operate for 8 to 12 hours a day. In demanding industries, it is not uncommon for them to be used for longer periods.

Installing a non-pressure fuel system on any medium to large piece of equipment is essential to enhance operational safety, machine reliability, and reduce machine downtime. Non-pressure fuel systems are designed to reduce the risk of fuel spills and fires, which can be caused by fuel line ruptures or leaks that might occur in a pressurised or splash fill system.

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Lubrication Systems

Lubrication is critical in machine reliability. We have solutions to help you reach optimum machine reliability, efficiency and safety.

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Instrumentation enables better management & control of processes. We offer a range of solutions  to measure and transfer fluids accurately with minimum downtime.