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Avoid Cross Contamination

Spectrum visual lubrication management system uses colour-coding to ensure that the correct grease is used in the right piece of equipment. Assign coloured identifiers to your grease and grease guns to avoid an incompatibility issues. Avoid cross-contamination and misapplication. 

Range of Solutions:

Grease Identifiers

Easily identify the different types of grease in each of your grease guns. Slides over standard grease guns. Prevent cross contamination and applying the wrong lubricant. Available in 7 colours.
Spectrum grease fitting washers when used along with Spectrum grease gun bands ensures the correct grease is being applied to the correct equipment. Available in 2 sizes and 6 colours. Sold in packs of ten.
Grease Fitting Caps
Snap over grease fittings to seal out dirt and moisture. A retaining ring keeps the cap in the correct position during servicing. Available in 2 sizes and 10 colours. Sold in packs of ten.

Quick and simple solution for identifying lubricants throughout their life cycle. Avoid cross contamination and misapplication. Available in 10 colours. 

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