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Fuel Nozzles & Receivers

Efficient delivery & transfer of fuel to industrial machinery

Fuel nozzles and receivers play a key role in the efficient delivery and transfer of fuel to industrial machinery. By precisely controlling the flow, atomisation, and mixture of fuel with air, fuel nozzles ensure optimal combustion, enhancing performance and fuel efficiency. Receivers, on the other hand, facilitate the secure connection and flow between fuel lines, contributing to the safety and reliability of fuel systems. Together, they form a key component in the effective use and management of fuel in many applications

Flomax Fuel Nozzles


FloMAX Fuel Nozzles & Receivers

FNBL Nozzle

The FNBL has excellent performance and reliability in harsh conditions. The pullback assembly is removable without tools, making it the easy to clean and allowing it to be maintained and repaired in the field. The FNBL latches with 10 stainless steel balls making it very simple to use and forgiving.

Non-interchange Nozzle

The non-interchangeable nozzle and associated receiver is designed for certain installation requirements and does not connect to industry standard fuel receivers. To be used in conjunction with the non-interchangeable fuel receiver.

FN600 Nozzle

The FN600 provides the well-known Dog Lock mechanism with 12 stainless steel dogs. It works great in maintenance facilities and other less harsh environments as it securely latches with a “snap” when correctly connected to a receiver

FN800 Nozzle

Highest flowing 1 ½” fuel nozzle in the industry with a 211+ GPM (800 lpm+) rating with a 2” inlet hose and swivel. Easy to pullback assembly makes it easy to clean and service in the field.

FX1500* Diesel Fuel Nozzle

The FX1500 is a high flow nozzle capable of reaching 1,500 lpm and designed to work in conjunction with the 2“ FRX Receiver.

FRX High Flow Fuel Receiver

The FRX fuel receiver must be used with the FX1500. The FRX receiver has a special removable sleeve so that the receiver may stay in place and can be replaced when ever it is worn.

Anti-Theft Receiver

FloMAX has simplified the solution for fuel theft. The innovative design allows maximum flow with minimum back pressure. The new design allows the removable sleeve to disconnect separately from the whole receiver providing savings on maintenance cost as well as enhanced security.

Standard Diesel Fuel Receivers

FloMAX Fuel Receivers are designed with a patented enclosed poppet stem spring that provides a smooth fuel flow path. All 1 ½” FloMAX fuel receivers are compatible with industry standard fuel nozzles

Removable Sleeve Diesel Fuel Receivers

The FR-RS removable sleeve fuel receiver has an aircraft grade anodized aluminium body with a removable stainless steel wear sleeve.

Bulk Transfer Nozzle (BFN)

The FloMAX BFN transfers large volumes of fuel at high flow rates using existing standard 1 ½ inch fuel receivers.

Emco-Whaton Fuel Receiver

The FR-NP-EW from FloMAX is a fuel receiver designed to couple with EMCO-Wheaton® fuel nozzles which use the twist and lock mechanism, commonly used in the Stevedoring industry.

3” Fuel Nozzle & Receiver

The FloMAX 3″ nozzles and receivers are designed for high flow volume and ease of use. They are a scaled down version of the standard 5 inch API specification. Receivers are available with 4 base styles.

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