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Flow Meters for Process Control

Flow meters are critical devices used in various industries to measure the flow rate or quantity of a gas or liquid moving through a pipe. Essential for the accurate monitoring and control of fluid flow in processes, ensuring efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness in operations. Flow meters offer different technologies, including turbine, ultrasonic, electromagnetic, and differential pressure meters, each suitable for specific applications based on the fluid characteristics, flow rate, and accuracy requirements.

Flow Meter Technologies

Magnetic Flow Meter Thumbnail

Used in a variety of industries to measure the flow rate of conductive liquids and slurries, offering accurate, non-invasive measurements crucial for process control and optimisation.

Positive Displacement Flow Meter

Ensure accurate fluid measurement, vital for efficient process control in a variety of industries. Dependable tools that don’t need much upkeep and work well with fluids of different thicknesses.

Simplicity and low cost measurement of gases and liquids for a variety of industries. Visual flow indication, easy installation, and are effective across a wide range of temperatures and pressures.

Ultrasonic Flow Meter with IO-Link - Inline - DUK

An ultrasonic flow meter measures fluid velocity by using ultrasonic sound waves, offering non-invasive, accurate readings for both liquid and gas flows.

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Range of Kobold Flow Meters

Magnetic Flow Meter

Magnetic (MIM)

Compact stainless steel magnetic induction meter (MIM). Suitable for a variety of mediums with no moving parts, low power requirement and delivers high accuracy. Capable of measuring low and high flow rates. 

Common applications include water management, process water, wastewater, food processing, chemical and corrosive materials, sludge and other general applications.

Magnetic (EPS)

The magnetic-inductive flow sensor EPS is used to measure the volume flow of liquids, slurries, pastes and other electrically conductive media without any pressure drop.  Offers high accuracy, available in a variety of lining materials and a large selection of process connectors. 

Flow Meter KDG-2

Variable Area Flow Meter (KDF/KDG-2)

The flow meters and switches for very low flows model KDF and KDG for liquids and air operate on the suspended float principle: that is, the installation position is vertical and the direction of flow is from
bottom to top.

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