Fire Suppression Systems

Automatic Fire Suppression Systems

Significant investments are made in mobile equipment and an automatic fire suppression systems offer a proactive and reliable way of mitigating risks and reducing potential property damage, financial loss and operational disruptions. 

Fire Suppression

Fire Suppression Systems for your Industry

An automatic fire suppression system is essential for industrial equipment due to the critical role it plays in protecting valuable assets and ensuring the safety of personnel. Industrial equipment is often operated in high-risk environments where fires can have severe consequences.
An automatic fire suppression system detects fires at their early stages, triggering an immediate response to suppress the fire before it spreads and causes significant damage.

Fire suppression for Agriculture

Agriculture & Farming

Automatic fire suppression systems are of paramount importance for agriculture and farming machinery due to the unique risks and vulnerabilities present in these environments. The use of heavy machinery, equipment, and the presence of flammable materials increase the likelihood of fires in agricultural operations.

Fire suppression for Mining


Mining machinery operates in challenging environments with potential ignition sources, flammable materials, and limited escape routes. The presence of combustible gases, dust, and fluids increases the risk of fires, which can spread rapidly and pose significant threats to personnel and equipment.

Food & Beverage Industry

Food & Beverages

The presence of heat sources, electrical equipment, and combustible packaging materials increases the potential for fires. An automatic fire suppression system detects fires in their early stages, triggering immediate response and suppressing the fire before it can spread and cause extensive damage.

Fire suppression for Construction


The use of heavy machinery, electrical equipment, welding operations, and flammable materials significantly increases the risk of fires. Construction sites often have limited fire response capabilities and are susceptible to rapid fire spread.

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Our Range of Fire Suppression Systems

By deploying fire suppressants such as foam, dry chemicals, or water mist, the system effectively controls and extinguishes the fire, preventing further escalation. The automatic nature of the system ensures rapid intervention, even if personnel are not present, reducing the risk of injuries, property damage, and costly disruptions to industrial operations.
Below are some of the fire suppression system options.

Muster Foam Product Family with Control Panels

Foam Based System

Foam-based fire suppression systems are the most suitable solution for the protection of mobile machinery where liquid hydrocarbon fuels pose a high fire risk. 

Muster IPS Family - new

Impulse Powder System

Self generating, rapid discharge dry chemical powder in a non-pressurised canister. Compact in design for protected enclosures.  Mount directly within the risk area.


Aerosol System

Self-generating, environmentally responsible, fire suppression system that provides immediate protection to confined spaces. Easy to install with long operational life.

TUFF System

TUFF System

Readily available fire fighting unit  providing a flexible fire protection solution. Easily attached or positioned on mobile equipment or the back of a support vehicle. 

Muster Fire Extinguishers

Portable Fire Extinguishers

Portable fire extinguishers that include handheld extinguishers and heavy-duty trolley mounted extinguishers. Full range of services and accessories.



Insurance for agricultural equipment can be expensive, and in some cases, difficult to obtain unless appropriate mitigating measures are undertaken.

Fire suppression systems are one of the best methods to provide a level of protection that insurance companies can quantify and consider in their premium assessments.

Lubrication Systems

Lubrication is critical in machine reliability. We have solutions to help you reach optimum machine reliability, efficiency and safety.

Fire Suppression

Fire poses a significant risk in industrial settings. We offer a range of fire suppression systems to suit your needs.

Fluid & Instrumentation

Instrumentation enables better management & control of processes. We offer a range of solutions  to measure and transfer fluids accurately with minimum downtime.