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Fire Risk Monitoring on Mobile Equipment

lowering fire risk

Controlling and knowing risk on any asset is critical to monitoring the area to reduce the risk of fire on mobile equipment.

Fire is a concern for many equipment operators & owners alike. It is a reality with the heavy demands placed on equipment to perform. Reality is that occasionally equipment will catch fire, and considerations must be given to the costs of repair or replacement and lost production, however these costs may be nothing compared to the loss of life.

Most people would say; ‘How can I reduce my risk of fire?

The identification process is best left to trained professionals when it relates to mobile equipment. There are a variety of factors that can cause a fire on a piece of equipment, for example:

  • Split engine or hydraulic hoses
  • Broken gasket
  • Loose fitting
  • High operating temperatures
  • Component failure

Understandably it is hard to prevent these things, but they can be monitored to allow you to pin point areas that are at the highest known risk.

Problem: How to protect turbo chargers on diesel engines; The turbo works at a high temperature and presents a high risk. Many turbos will have heat shields installed near them to control the heat output. If a hose splits near the turbo, spraying the turbo with oil, ignition is very likely.

Solution: Muster nozzles have heat resistant cap that allows them to be close to the turbo without melting. By using either the 60 º or 120 º nozzles, a Muster installer can target the turbo effectively.

Lubrication Systems

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Fire poses a significant risk in industrial settings. We offer a range of fire suppression systems to suit your needs.

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