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In the farming industry, farmers and agricultural businesses often encounter challenges that affect their operational efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Key among these challenges is the essential role of machine lubrication, crucial for the smooth functioning and longevity of farm equipment. Proper lubrication minimises friction, prevents overheating, and protects against wear and tear, ensuring the durability and reliability of machinery.

Considering that farm machines operate for extended periods, the risks of mechanical failure and overheating are real concerns. To mitigate potential fire risks, effective fire suppression systems are vital in safeguarding equipment, crops and operator safety.  

Improve operational efficiency, productivity and profitability with the range of product solutions provided by JSG Industrial Systems.

Adding Value to Every Stage of the Crop Cycle

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Fire Suppression Systems

Solutions for Fire Protection

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Crop Sprayers

Lubrication Kits for Crop Sprayers

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Garage & Field Service


Tractors are used 58% of the time in farming, and our solutions can save time at over 40 lubrication points.


Lubricating these implements can be difficult and time-consuming. Ensure machine up time & reliability.

Combine Harvester

These complex machines have over 35 lubrication points and managing friction is key to them working reliably.

Fertilisers & Sprayers

Spraying equipment can have over 100 lubrication points, requiring a high maintenance effort.

Grape Harvester

Grape harvester need reliable lubrication. With over 80 lubrication points our solutions can help you achieve this.

Cotton Picker

Manual lubrication takes time and can cause premature wear on drum head components.

Forage Harvester

Harvesters need reliable lubrication. With over 80 lubrication points our solutions can help you achieve this.


With over 30 lubrication points a reliable lubrication system is essential to maintain optimal performance.

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Farm Machinery Product Range

Boost the efficiency and longevity of your sprayer with the SKF Lincoln Progressive Lubrication Kit. Designed specifically for di and tri-fold booms, this kit offers a seamless solution to keep your equipment running smoothly even in tough conditions.

OCL-M System

Dispense precise amounts of lubricant to the moving chain of balers, maintaining peak machine performance. System brushes clean the chain during operation. Pre-configured kits available for easy selection and installation.

AECP Thumbnail

Compact pump designed to deliver lubricant from a cartridge to a progressive lubrication system. Ideal for compact machine applications. Uses standard 400 g grease cartridges with flexible refill options.

CLP BasicPlus Gallery

Compact Lubrication Pump

The CLP pump is designed for small progressive lubrication systems. Flexible operation using a controller or machine control system. Available with integrated controller, datalogging or bluetooth connectivity.

P502 Lubrication Pump
Small and compact pump designed for farm machinery. The pump can handle a number of lubrication points distributing grease to the required areas like bushers, pins and bearings. Available in 12 and 24 VDC.
Smart A2 Controller

Next generation of smart controllers for progressive lubrication systems.  Integrated IOT solution for managing and monitoring the lubrication system. Bluetooth connectivity and easy to use Autolube app.

Power luber grease guns

The 20-volt PowerLuber is a lithium-ion battery powered grease guns that easily address all lubrication points with a single tool. Two-speed design ensures efficient lubrication minimising downtime and repair costs.

Grease Pump

Practical, compact and portable pump kits available as a carry kit or trolley kit. The double-effect pumping system ensures greater efficiency, allowing for regular distribution and greater flow.

Manual Oil Pumps
Ideal for applications requiring portability and economy. Manual oil pumps dispense lubricants from most bulk containers.
Hand Fuel Pumps

Lincoln offers a range of manually operated transfer pumps suitable for petroleum-based and non-corrosive liquids.

Pneumatic Piston Oil Pumps
Faicom oil pumps are designed to ensure constant oil delivery. The pump is compact but powerful due to the unique pneumatic double-cylinder motor.
Fuel Transfer Systems & Connectors

Agricultural tasks rely on machinery that requires fuel. Efficient and safe fuel transfer can improve productivity, reduce downtime, and ensure safety on the farm.

Hose Reels
Industrial hose reels can be used in farming for a range of purposes, from irrigation to pesticide application and
fuel transfer.
Top Fill Units

The FloMAX Top Fill units are an all in one non-pressure re-fuelling system designed to eliminate the need to pressure the fuel tanks or use splash filling techniques.

Muster Foam Family (NEW)

Foam-based fire suppression systems are the most suitable solution for the protection of mobile machinery where liquid hydrocarbon fuels pose a high fire risk.

TUFF System

Readily available fire fighting unit  providing a flexible fire protection solution. Easily attached or positioned on mobile equipment or the back of a support vehicle.

Protecting Those Hard Working Machines

With SKF Crop Sprayer Kit

Automatic lubrication systems offer versatility and can be tailored to a wide format of machines and vehicles. By adjusting the pump capacity or choosing the right metering device, a system can be customised to align with specific requirements.

Crop sprayers can have up to 100 lubrication points. The 4450 sprayer kit includes the Quicklub system that delivers controlled amounts of lubricant to each lubrication point on the machine while in operation. Contact JSG Industrial Systems for a customised kit.

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Lubrication Systems

Lubrication is critical in machine reliability. We have solutions to help you reach optimum machine reliability, efficiency and safety.

Fire Suppression

Fire poses a significant risk in industrial settings. We offer a range of fire suppression systems to suit your needs.

& Instrumentation

Instrumentation enables better management & control of processes. We offer a range of solutions  to measure and transfer fluids accurately with minimum downtime.