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Harsh conditions during harvesting and baling, like dust, moisture and vibration cause continuous stress on all machine elements, specifically the chains. In addition baling can impose heavy loads onto machine components. Proper lubrication of the chain of the baler brings confidence that the machine will run with maximum reliability.

Another major concern is the risk of fire, especially considering that machines operate for extended periods often under heavy loads. To mitigate this an effective fire suppression system is vital. The Muster Transferable Unit for Fire Fighting (TUFF) has been specially designed to provide flexible fire protection that can be easily transferred to another machine.

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savings on lubrication by switching to automatic lubrication.

40% - 60%

of maintenance costs come from poor lubrication

400 -


mobile equipment fires across
NSW and QLD*

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Product Solutions for Balers

Oil Chain Lubrication for Balers

The ribust design of the OCL-M withstands harsh conditions during harvesting and baling. Dispense precise amounts of lubricant to the moving chain, maintaining peak machine performance. System brushes clean the chain during operation. Pre-configured kits available for easy selection and installation.


The SKF Lincoln Compact Lubrication Pump series (CLP) marks the debut of SKF’s new eLube generation. Designed for small progressive lubrication systems, this pump is lightweight, straightforward,
and user-friendly.

Its compact structure and dependable performance make it ideal for both mobile and industrial settings. The pump also includes various electrical and monitoring options that are customized to meet the particular requirements of these applications.

Compact Grease Pump

Compact pump designed to deliver lubricant from a cartridge to a progressive lubrication system. Ideal for compact machine applications. Its robust design can withstand harsh working environments and provides reliable lubricant supply to all points while the machine is working. Uses standard 400 g grease cartridges with flexible refill options.

Semi-Automatic Lubrication

A centralised approach can be achieved by connecting several lubrication points to lubricant metering devices that have one manual lubrication point at the metering device inlet. This battery powered grease gun offers a balance between manual control and automation. It’s perfect for farmers transitioning towards more automated solutions, providing ease of use with improved efficiency and accuracy.

Manual Lubrication

A range of robust and user-friendly manual lubrication tool that ensures precise lubricant application with low investment costs. Ideal for smaller farms or specific machinery where manual control is preferred.

TUFF Fire Suppression System

The Muster Transferable Unit for Fire Fighting (TUFF) has been specially designed to provide flexible fire protection in a range of applications. Unlike a fire suppression system, the TUFF unit, when not in use, can be easily transferred to another machine.

It comes with a retractable 15m hose reel offering the ability to address fires either on or near machinery where the unit is mounted. The nozzle can be inserted into machinery access points and small openings to apply foam solution directly to the burning material.

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