Automatic Chain Lubrication Systems

Chain Lubrication Systems

Optimal lubrication minimises chain friction and wear

Maximise chain life and maintain smooth conveyor processes with effective lubrication. Automatic chain lubrication systems provide numerous benefits over manual methods. Our experts will design a tailored solution, ensuring longevity, reduced wear, corrosion prevention, noise reduction, and minimised chain failure, regardless of application, chain type, or lubricant needs

Automatic Chain Lubrication System


Types of Chain Lubrication Systems

CLK System

CLK (Airless Oil Projection System)

Designed for large, slow-moving conveyor roller chains. Precise metered amounts of oil, at preset intervals are delivered onto the surface of the chain at an exact location. No contact is made with the chain.


Oil Chain Lubrication Mechanical Use

OCL-M (Oil Chain Lubrication - Mechanical)

Designed for farm machinery such as balers and combines. The OCL-M dispenses precise amounts of lubricant to the moving chain, reducing chain wear and the chance of downtime giving farmers peace of mind that their equipment is operating optimally.


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Chain Lubrication Systems for Industries

On a chain there can be hundreds or thousands of lubrication points and every link counts. Chains moving in harsh conditions need to be re-lubricated frequently to lower the possibility of chain failure. Any unplanned production stoppages due to conveyor chain failure may affects your bottom line and is not an option.

Regardless of application, chain type, or lubricant requirements, effective lubrication of the chain can help prevent premature wear, corrosion, noise and chain failure. Maximise chain life with one of our solutions.

Solutions for small fast moving conveyor roller chains, large slower moving conveyor chains, conveyors with chains requiring grease lubrication and roller chains on farm machines.

Related Systems

Regardless of where you are in the lubrication process, the type of machine you use or industry you are in, we will partner with you to identify the lubrication system that best suits your requirements. We can help you achieve your performance metrics whether it be uptime, maintenance savings, or energy use.

Single Line Lubrication System

Consists of a central pump station that automatically supplies lubricant through a single supply line to the lubricant metering device.

Dual Line Lubrication System

Operates through the utilisation of two main lines, which are alternately supplied with lubricant from a high-pressure pump.

Multi line Automatic Lubrication System

Consists of a pump unit, control and monitoring devices, tubing and fittings. Each lubrication point has its own dedicated pumping element.

Progressive Automatic Lubrication System

Designed with a pump connected to at least one primary metering device, providing
continuous lubrication.

Automatic Oil Circulation Lubrication System

Designed to lubricate as well
as cool highly stressed
bearings in nearly every
size of machine.

Chain Lubrication System

Consistently and precisely
applies lubricant to the chain
at regular intervals, while the
chain is running.

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