Automatic Fire Suppression Systems


Lubrication solutions for the printing Industry

Sheet-fed offset printing machines

Friction and wear occur on all moving parts and require specific lubrication solutions. SKF/Lincoln offer an ideal lubrication system solution for every task. Components perfectly coordinated with one another result in optimum functionality and efficiency. They protect bearings against wear and thus help produce consistent quality and prevent machinery downtime.


The highest precision is demanded, particularly with the paper sheet alignment and the subsequent feeding to the first gripper bar. In order to help provide such precision, the SKF ProFlex progressive centralized lubrication systems are used. These deliver grease of NLGI Grade 2 directly to the lubrication of the oscillating gripper bar. In addition to allowing for the lubrication of the inaccessible points, they also reduce the maintenance intervals.

Automatic Fire Suppression
Automatic Fire Suppression

Press unit

The greatest challenge with printing is achieving the highest precision. Gear train and cylinder bearings must be relubricated with defined quantities of oil to achieve this. Doing so enables maximum uniformity of concentricity precision and sheet transfer – and thus a consistently high print quality. The KFU Series pump delivers the lubricant to the respective distributors. These meter the quantity of fluid grease and deliver the lubricant precisely to each lubrication point with each lubrication cycle.

Rotary Printing machines and lubrication

Continuous lubrication is necessary to achieve consistently high precision, particularly because of ever-increasing speeds. SKF MonoFlex single-line centralized lubrication systems also reliably deliver grease to the bearings and monitor the greasing cycle. The delivery pressures required with these lubrication systems are low and are in effect for only a short time. This reduces the oil separation tendency of unstable lubricants – which in turn considerably increases the selection of greases that can be used. As a result of their modular construction, these systems are very easy to expand. Even with extensive lubrication systems of especially large plants, these advantages remain in effect. A Series KFG piston pump delivers the lubricant to the MonoFlex distributors. The lubricant is stirred with an agitator with each delivery. It remains homogenous as a result, and the optimum lubrication effect is retained.

Automatic Fire Suppression

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