Key Products - New Generation Lincoln Spring Driven Hose Reels

This is the NEW GENERATION Lincoln Spring Driven Hose Reels that are an open style reel designed for heavy duty applications. They have high tensile frames and quality design making them ideal for rugged & harsh environments and can be used where high flow rates, large flow capacity and high duty cycle are demanded.

Due to JSG’s extensive history with the Lincoln and involvement with mining, industrial and commercial sites we’re proud to introduce these reels after a long collaboration with Lincoln.

The design of the reels, their features, range were all specifically requested by JSG Industrial Systems making them unique to the traditional reels. Hence a high quality reel with the famous Lincoln Brand power and offcourse the famous colour these reels are an attractive option for anyone.

3/8” - Grease/High Pressure Reels

The Grease reels are compact and appropriately designed to handle up to 344 bar (5000 psi) and comes with an easy mounting base and twin pedestal design allowing for multiple positions.

½” – ¾” Oil, Lubricants, Water & Air

Suitable for a variety of fluids such as oil, lubricants, water and even air. These reels are also easy mounting for workshop or service vehicles and can handle up to 103 bar (1500 psi)

1” – 1.5” – Diesels fuel & Heavy Oils

These Reels are designed for large fluid transfers of Diesel fuels and oils with options for workshop or mobile plant equipment. Commonly used in refuelling of mobile plant equipment.


Field service vehicles and workshops provide maintenance to heavy mining vehicles involving lubrication, oils & coolants. Appropriate hose and cable management systems ensure these sites run effectively & efficiently.


Whether it be offshore or land based, the Oil & Gas industry is prone to extreme environments which demand high quality hose & cable management systems with low downtime.


Static discharge reels or Bonding & Grounding systems, connect two or more pieces of equipment to keep the same electric potential among them, preventing static sparking. There are end connectors available for all cables lengths and types.


From diesel to chemicals the safe transfer of these fluids is critical to most businesses. Specialised hoses and components are required to ensure these chemicals don’t cause issues during transfer.


Gleason Heavy duty I-Beam Supported Festoon Systems are designed for high speed and high load applications. Maximum speeds, dependant on model range from 107 to 244 metres per minute.


There are many industries that benefit from correct hose & cable management systems. These include; Printing, Water Supply, Automation, Pulp & Paper, Theatre and Staging plus many more....


Duration: 3.35

Author: Gleeson Reel

This video shows an overview of the full Gleason Reel product offering.

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